​​We want to make people happy every day through our good food, good business and good farming. It's our purpose.

We believe everyone can enjoy our food as part of a healthy, balanced diet. We recognize consumers want food that's convenient, nutritious and delicious - that's the focus of our continuous investment in reformulation and new product development.


It's not surprising we're known for our fries. We prepare one in three eaten around the world. In fact, potatoes are central to our product ranges in almost every country in which we operate. And just like the farming families supplying us for three generations, we're passionate about potatoes - a core ingredient that's virtually fat-free and delivers energy, dietary fiber, vitamin C, potassium and iron.

We're proud of our potato expertise. And we're proud to be making convenient foods - fit for today's budgets and lifestyles - out of this tasty, versatile and nutritious ingredient. But we also prepare much more besides fries, from snacks to vegetables and meals to desserts.

What we produce varies by country and whether it's made for retail or food service distribution. So to find out more, please visit the relevant McCain Foods regional site. While our product ran​​ge may be diverse, our high standards apply to all our foods​.


Innovation is central to what we do and has been since we pioneered our earliest ground-breaking products.

Over the years we've brought a steady stream of new ideas to the market, many of which have become firmly established favourites on menus and in shopping trolleys.

In recent years, we've seen a real step-change in consumer demand, as changing lifestyles mean many people want 'homemade' food, but bought-in convenience. Taking this on board, we've redoubled our efforts, investing heavily in innovation to not only develop entirely new products, but also to do what we already do - but better. We constantly review what products can be made better through reformulation and process simplification.

In all cases our aim is to deliver good food that is tasty, convenient and affordable.