​​​​​​ As you would expect from a company focused on Good Food, Good People and Good Business, we set standards for all that we do. We also make public our policies and pledges on a full range of issues - from things like ingredient choices, preparation methods, food safety, quality control, environmental care, employee safety and fair treatment, to topical issues such as salt, GMOs, palm oil and water use.

You'll find many of these policies in the Information Hub section of the site but if you can't find what you're looking for, please make contact via your region.


As an innovative company, we always have new messages to share and we seek to do this creatively. Of course, advertisements say things about us as well as our products, so we are committed to advertising responsibly.

This may be linked to the customs and cultures of the countries where we operate and you'll find more about this on the relevant McCain websites.

However, some self-imposed guidelines on responsible advertising apply no matter where we operate. For example, we will not create advertising, advergaming, promotional initiatives or any other communications targeted directly to children under the age of 12. Nor will we place advertisements in media targeted at them. And, naturally, we won't unfairly or inaccurately represent the nutritional value or benefits of our products.