​​As a global business, McCain operates to Core Values that guide behaviour and business interactions:

Authentic - be real, open and informal.

Committed - have the courage and standard for a better company, a better world, a better you.

Trusted - do the right thing. Build genuine relationships with our customers, stakeholders and each other.


An example of how these Core Values translate into practical action is our Code of Conduct, which you can see in the Inform​ation Hub section of this site.

This combines our Core Values with our commitment to lawful, ethical conduct, defining the high standards expected of all employees.

Our founders set the tone for honesty, integrity, fair dealing, trust and respect and these have underpinned more than 60 years of solid business growth.

Today, as we work to achieve our goals in an increasingly competitive market, we continue to believe that our reputation is our most treasured asset.